Holistic Massage (therapy)


The holistic approach views a person as a whole. It’s based on the foundation that body, mind and spirit are in connection with each other, and influence each other. Together they form one whole.

When, for example, you experience stress because you constantly “take the weight of the world on your shoulders”, you can be raising or locking your shoulders all the time, and thus experience discomfort or pain there continuously.

This can also work the other way around. If you feel constant pain in your (lower) back, this can lead to you worrying and decreased mental functioning.

With a holistic massage, you are made more aware again of what your body is actually feeling and asks of you. If you listen, you create the calm and clarity you need to undertake things and be more fit and vital while dealing with your daily struggles.


Classic massage:

A classic massage uses various strokes and grips that work on your skin, muscles and organs. Your blood and lymphatic circulation get a boost, which in turn affects the supply and drainage of nutrients and waste products.

Classic massage can be relaxing and ease pain. It can also make your muscles more supple (again).


Haptic massage:

Haptic massage revolves around feeling. Get back in touch with your body and experience what it needs. What’s your body trying to tell you?


We often combine the two techniques, depending on the requirements of the situation and what your body and mind ask for!

All areas of the body can be treated as a region massage. Thereby a whole or part of the treatment, attention can be given towards a specific area.

No erotic massages will take place