Terms and Conditions

  • Smoking is not allowed in the practice (and waiting area and corridors).

  • The practice cannot be held responsible or liable for damage to, loss or theft of personal belongings within the building or the immediate surroundings of the building.

  • If the client can’t make it to an appointment they should cancel by phone at least 24 hours in advance. The phone number is: +316 202 60 584. When connected to voicemail, the client should clearly state their name, phone number, date and time of the scheduled appointment. The client will be charged for an appointment which is not cancelled in time. 

  • Payment of the services is due 4 days after the invoice date. Payments of workshops and programs/multiple treatments occur in advance and may be paid in installments if agreed upon. Please ask about the possibilities for paying in installments.

  • Payment in cash is only accepted in exceptional cases. For safety reasons, we carry as little cash as possible.

  • Holistic treatment has the purpose to activate the self-healing powers.

  • Hygiene is very important in the practice. We ask the client to pay attention to this with respect to personal hygiëne.

  • The first consult will take a bit longer than usual, to get to know each other and because of the intake (anamnesis) that takes place.

  • All treatments will be recorded in a file. The file includes at minimum the intake data and information on progress and specifics, if necessary. The client is assumed to be aware of and agree to the collection of information. The information will be processed confidentially.

  • All treatments will be performed to our best judgment, but are at the client’s own risk.

  • When the client is being treated by a physician, therapist or specialist, the client should discuss with the physician concerned whether the treatment should be applied.

  • The client will always mention beforehand if changes in medication or a medical situation have occurred during the treatment period.

  • None of the applied treatment is erotic in nature or purpose

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