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" Hi, I am Melody and I support people with a mission, entrepreneurs and leaders in connecting with their own core values, qualities and talents and where wished that of and together with their environment.
To find a place of rest within yourself to charge yourself and stand in life fulfilled with both feet again.
What is it worth to you to let yourself and your life bloom?  "


Wellbeing & Health Consultancy

Do you want to (re)connect with yourself?

Do you want to be (more) happy in your daily life and perhaps business?

Vital Life Connection can help you along in your process through customized coaching/ consultancy. If necessary, trauma processing will be part of it.

Please contact us for more information about 1-on-1 coaching and programs or about group coaching if you prefer to be coached in a group setting.



'Healing Holidays'

Vital Life Connection organizes both personal and - in collaboration with newCooperation - business retreats and 'intensives'.


Do you want to know more about this and what it can mean for you in your personal life and/ or as an entrepreneur, for yourself and perhaps your team?

Then continue reading here!


Holistic Massage

Would you like to physically relax after a busy workweek, slow down and have less stress? Or do you just want to treat yourself, because you are worth it?

Enjoy a (relaxing) chair massage, classic or haptic table massage, hot stone massage or aromatherapy treatment.

Your muscles will get the attention they deserve and the rest of your body and mind can become present again.

Listen to your body and give it its well-deserved maintenance or make it a gift to yourself or someone else!

Important update:


Please first read an important update here before booking a physical treatment.

Thank you in advance






Aromatherapy, essential oils

Would you like to know how essential oils can help you and your loved ones for natural self-care, household purposes and even emotionally?

Sign up for a workshop on essential oils. You’ll discover the origins of the 100% pure natural oils, how they work and how you can apply them for your individual purposes!

Do you want to implement the oils in your daily life immediately? Click here.




Do you want to feel fit and vital?


During a  breath and relaxation session you will experience divergent ways to relax and recharge while living a busy life.

These techniques can be easily implemented and utilized each moment of the day .


Also watch our other videos of this specific Wellbeing & Health series here

Video Retreat 'Get Your Life On Stream'


All products in our assortiment are vegan